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Professtional Esthetics Treatment Protocols Success Stories

View Success Stories from clients using Unfading Beauty's Professional Esthetics Treatment Products and Protocols for the following skin conditions:

Jennie is a 16 year old who came to us with Grade 3 Acne. To compound her problem, Jennie has very dry skin. The lack of oil had caused her to become very sensitive. Our initial analysis determined that Jennie would need daily home care followed in two weeks by a series of calming/healing treatments. Jennie had three Oxygen Infusion Treatments, one Hyperderm Revitalization Treatment and two UB1 "A-Peel" Treatments. The "After" photo was taken just 5 months after her initial visit.

Greg has been suffering with Rosacea for several years. We began working with him three years ago. Although Greg is a business owner, as soon as the weather permits, he enjoys riding his Harley. This only exacerbates his condition. Greg uses our Red Be Gone products along with Satin Moisture Crème, and Block It Out Sun Protector. He also responds well to our Red Be Gone Treatment Protocol. With reasonable home care and treatments, Greg keeps his Rosacea controlled.

Maria's Atopic Dermatitis has been a problem for over 30 years. She has a severe allergy to aloe, a common ingredient in calming hyper skin types. Our low, no or non-traditional preservatives have become the major contributors to Maria's success. She responds well to the Red Be Gone Treatment Protocol. She is also able to use Gently Clean Cleanser, Dew Drops Toner, Berries N Crème Scrub, Alpha 5% Glycolic Acid, Satin Moisture Crème and Chenille Rich Moisture Crème.

Kelly is our "Home Care Only" success story. Kelly is 17 years old and came to us on January 9th with Grade 4 Cystic Acne. Both of Kelly's parents had this type of acne and have severe scarring. Within three weeks of her initial visit, Kelly was already seeing results. By June of that same year, her acne was well managed. She was excited to go through summer (the worst season for acne) with her condition under control. Kelly continues on her UNFADING BEAUTY CLINICAL SKIN CARE products to keep her acne under control.

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